hotel granduca

A few from the grand opening of The Hotel Granduca – a new beautiful 5-star hotel in Austin!


the bain family

jenna + stu + troy

I shot Jenna and Stu’s wedding this past February, and we just took these fun family shots with their new baby Troy!! He’s pretty precious, and you know I love dogs – so I was super excited to hear they were bringing him along on the shoot!

the burke family

the randalls

I absolutely loved this shoot with my friend Fanya and her beautiful family!  It was hilarious – and so often the reality with 2 year olds – I always try to tell parents that this is just normal at this age – there is ALWAYS a tantrum, and this family has 2 year old TWINS!!  Things aren’t always going to go perfectly, or even smoothly for every shoot – and this post shows the reality of photo shoots with young children. You never know what you are going to get – but that’s part of the fun, it definitely keeps things interesting! and this shoot will go down in the books as one of my all time favorites! :)